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​ Hello, I'm Hu Manlin

I am a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on exploring the mysteries of the human mind. With rich clinical experience and knowledge, I am obsessed with helping the public solve emotional and psychological problems and rebuild their inner balance and happiness. My mission is to enable everyone who comes to see me to find the sweetness in life, overcome any difficulties in front of them, and realize their dreams. I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to overcome problems, as long as they develop their potential and recognize the direction, they can find the meaning and value of life.

It is my life's mission to help those who suffer so that they can realize their potential. I hope that one day I can accompany you through the darkest valley on the road of your life.

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my story

I was a child with a learning disability who always had trouble reading and spelling, and even doubted whether I was fit for education. But I didn't give up, and my inner voice kept reminding me to get over it.

In order to achieve my goal, I made a learning plan and skills, and kept trying, step by step. Although I encountered setbacks and failures, I was not discouraged and kept going.

Today, I am a PhD in Psychology, graduating from Alliant International University in 2017. In my internship and work experience, I have reached out to people at different levels, listened to their needs, understood the barriers to progress, and refined my therapeutic skills. I have worked in a children's home, gaining insight into the self-doubt faced by children who have lost their parents; in a drug rehab center, I have reached out to teenagers who have embarked on the road of addiction in order to escape reality, and provided spiritual support; in the halfway house Here, the difficulties encountered in assisting ex-mental hospital rehabilitators to return to the community. The wider the group of people I contact, the deeper my understanding of the problem. But I never stopped exploring, and even went to the psychiatric department of Guangzhou Provincial Hospital as an intern to get in touch with different types of emotional problems.

One day, I am ready to take on the greatest challenge of my life, death. So I joined an NGO to provide psychological support services to people with severe disabilities and accompany them through the final stage of life.


"Self-sufficient", everyone has the ability to be self-fulfilling, so I can't let you become someone you have never imagined. But I can help you discover your potential, overcome the obstacles you face, and realize your dreams.

Dr. Hu Manlin

​Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology​

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.Always full of expectations for new opportunities, please contact me!

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